What exactly is a property developer and how can they add value to our high streets? In this short Q&A, property development expert Adewole Ademolake explains.

“A property developer, to me, is a person who identifies opportunities and seeks to add value.”

Adewole Ademolake

Adewole Ademolake is the founder of A’lake, a property development company focused on London and the South East. Adewole also shares experiences from the property sector through his blog ‘Alake Dreaming‘, and discusses multidisciplinary topics in the podcast ‘The Property Development Bookclub‘.

Using his experience, Adewole answers three quick questions, providing insight into key definitions surrounding property development and the qualities property developers might require to revive our high streets.

“We need developers who will add vitality and activity to the high street.”

Adewole Ademolake

The questions

  1. What, exactly, is a ‘property developer’?
  2. Talking about legislation that either empowers or restricts property developers, what is an ‘Article 4 Direction’?
  3. What kind of property developer do our high streets need?

About the expert

After nine years working on large scale regeneration projects in both the public and private sectors, Adewole Ademolake founded A’lake. He has an extensive amount of experience working on small sites and large scale regeneration projects. His projects range from single unit sites, to the regeneration of the Alma Estate Enfield to the Master planning of the Gascoigne Neighbourhood in Barking and Dagenham. Adewole has led on all sizes of projects and brings to extensive experience to A’lake. His goal is to simplify what is seemingly a complicated process. Adewole is passionate about providing homes and collaboratively working with stakeholders.


  • Adewole Ademolake, A’lake Limited


Edited by Camilla Siggaard Andersen & Tabbi Harvey-Crowe

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