PX Case Studies present the most interesting high street projects with a focus on insights, outcomes, and lessons learned. The exchange takes the format of a written account, submitted by stakeholders with an intimate understanding of the project.

Case studies are about insights, lessons, and outcomes. If you are interested in writing a case study, our selection criteria are here to help you decide:

  1. Do you have an interesting high street regeneration and development project to share on the Property X-Change platform?
  2. Are you able to summarise, in text and images, the most compelling insights, outcomes, and lessons learned from this project?

If that all sounds good to you, then please go ahead and fill in the PX Case Study Form. Once you have filled in the form, our team will be in touch with further instructions to progress your case study. Please we aware that in times of high demand, we may not be able to prioritise your case study. We will prioritise submissions based on their alignment with our values.

If in doubt, you may consider other formats for shaping an exchange or get in touch for further advice.

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