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Image by Donna Ford.

Find out how UK charity Greener and Cleaner is helping communities live more sustainably by taking over vacant retail units in town centres.

On November 22nd, we are excited to be joined for a PX Conversation by the team behind the UK charity Greener and Cleaner together with some of their key partners.

Greener and Cleaner is a pioneering sustainability charity, piloting a new model for promoting and facilitating sustainable behaviour through peer-to-peer engagement. With one pilot hub already up and running in The Glades shopping centre in Bromley, their vision is to set up a network of hubs, utilising vacant retail units across the country, to be run by local people for the local community.

It has now been 8 months since the pilot Hub in The Glades first started welcoming shoppers to a different experience. Over this time, the team has shared tips for sustainable living, taught practical skills needed to live more sustainably, and provided a source of support and validation for people who are on, or starting out on, a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Concurrently, Greener & Cleaner are collaborating with Dr Richard Carmichael, Co-leader of the Behaviour Change in Energy and Environment Policy (BEEP) research group, Imperial College London, to help establish how different initiatives, methods, and messages resonate across different population groups.

In this PX Conversation, we will hear more about the experience of operating a sustainability-focused charity from the Hub in The Glades, and discuss the challenges and opportunities of creating inclusive community spaces for learning new behaviours. We will also find out how the Hub is becoming a blueprint for a nation-wide takeover of available units in shopping centres and other high-footfall environments.

Greener and Cleaner community engagement. Community members holding up sweater that reads "stitch it, don't ditch it."
Image by Donna Ford.


  • Parisa Wright, Founder, Greener & Cleaner: With a background of 20 years in media/entertainment and commercial law, a passion for connecting people and problem solving, and two small children to inspire her, Parisa set up successful sustainable living charity Greener & Cleaner while working full time. She now focuses completely on addressing the climate crisis by making sure that sustainable living is accessible and inclusive for all.
  • Clare Searle, Chief Strategy Officer, Greener & Cleaner: Clare is a strategist and service designer by background and a passionate social justice advocate by trade. She helps businesses and charities like Greener and Cleaner see their purpose and deliver real world impact whilst delivering excellent performance.
  • John Taylor, Energy Projects Manager, Greater South East Net Zero Hub: John has 15 year’s experience advising local authorities and communities on renewable energy and climate change action, across East Anglia and South East England.
  • Dr Richard Carmichael, Research Associate and Co-Leader of the Behaviour change in Energy and Environment Policy (‘BEEP’) Research Network, Imperial College London: Richard works on societal and system change for decarbonisation. Interests include co-benefits, heating, diet, and data-led tools. His report, ‘Behaviour change, public engagement and Net Zero’, helped inform the Climate Change Committee’s Net Zero report.
  • Gemma Smith: Gemma is a wife, mother of two, artist and small business owner with a passion for sustainability.


  • Parisa Wright, Greener and Cleaner
  • Clare Searle, Greener and Cleaner
  • John Taylor, Greater South East Net Zero Hub
  • Dr Richard Carmichael, Imperial College London
  • Gemma Smith, The Hub Volunteer

When & Where

  • November 22
  • 11.00-12.00
  • Online

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